Never Forget? Precarious Digital Memory in a Community Online Discussion Forum

Presented at DIGITAL EXISTENCE II: Precarious Media Life 2017. 

How do users grapple with the loss of significant digital memories? This case study focuses on a long-standing community online discussion forum serving towns in suburban New York City. Users of this site lost posts made between 1997-2007, including those from September 11, 2001. Drawing on participant interviews, I examine the ways in which digital loss is partially mitigated through the continuing liveness of the community forum. 

Digital Space in the Personal Archive

Presented at Personal Digital Archiving 2017


While there are a growing number of robust tools for capturing and archiving digital space, this work asks about the tools that lay users already employ to save their digital traces. Operating on the premise that digital meanderings may have personal significance, I examine the ways that screenshots have been mobilized by a wide variety of users as a means to preserve the digital ephemeral. 

Women in Internet History

To be presented at Network(ed) Histories, International Communication Association pre-conference, 2018. 

With colleague Anna Loup. We examine the ways that women's work has been constructed, and often obfuscated, in histories of Internet development. Reading gender into existing histories of the 'net, we critically re-read and resuscitate archival sources in order to argue that women's work was intrinsic to the infrastructural and political development of the networked world. 

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